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Esports Fall Combine


It’s Time to GYO Big or Go Home!

Calling all competitors, it’s time for the GYO Combine Fall Classic. Come show the world your esports prowess.

Esports is now a billion dollar industry. Everything from professional contracts to scholarships are at your fingertips, all you have to do is sit down and play.

The Esports Skills Combine will put your gameplay under the microscope for hundreds of esports organizations and esports scholarships programs around the world. Whether you’re already a pro or looking to climb the ladder, you can begin your journey and get on the radar for future esports program consideration, simply by participating in the Combine.

Since our first combine in March, over 120 scholarship and team offers were awarded to participants.

Sign up today and head to one of hundreds of GYO-powered facilities worldwide and give it your all for glory.

Automated Titles

The following titles are supported in this combine and will receive automated data processing. Title availability may vary by venue.

Manual Titles

The following titles do not yet have automated data and require manual processing. These are available for Premium combine participants only. Title availability may vary by venue.

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